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French Regimentals - Napoleon's Light Infantry 1806 - 1813


I have painted many French light infantry units over the years. It can be somewhat monotonous as the  regulations specify an identical uniform, apart from identifications to small for our scale,  for all regiments.


Regimental Colonels, being what they are, liked to distinguish their own unit in someway. This generally appears in the dress of musicians and to a lesser extent their grenadier and voltigeur  companies.


In this booklet I have collated these distinguishing uniform details from my own collection of books and plates and the odd internet search. It is not complete there are, as you will see, many gaps - the search continues. Some of these gaps can be filled by falling back on regulations and a little informed guesswork.


I have only illustrated, where possible, fusilier,   grenadier, voltigeur and drummers uniforms these being most of the unit to be painted. Officers are easily worked out wearing the uniform with the addition of silver epaulettes, silver shako cords and buttons etc.



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