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Elite Miniatures was set up in 1985 by me Peter Morbey - the designer and manufacturer and has grown steadily to over 1000 different figures covering my main intrest of Napoleonics but also Seven Years War and American Civil War. They are cast in a high quality white metal to a size, that used to be known as 'large 25mm' , but is now generally termed 28mm.

I am also designing my 'Collectors Series' which are figures that I wish for my collection - they are slightly taller and slimmer, more 30mm rather than 28mm but they do not look out of place alongside the 28mm stuff. There will be more variety of movement and some seperate parts where a pose cannot be produced as a one piece casting.

Elite Miniatures

Peter Morbey


I trained as an Architectural Technician from school and continuied with this occupation until after five years of running Elite Miniatures, on a part time basis, I took the plunge and went full time with it.

In my early years I learnt the majority of my wargaming at the Wargames Holiday Centre in Thortonley Dale, then Scarborough, under its then owner Peter Gilder. I got to know Peter very well painting figures for him and eventually designing figures for his Connisseur Figures.

During this time I stared converting a lot of figures which led onto designing complete figures - I found that I had an aptitude for this and the second figure that I ever designed went into production with Elite Miniatures.

I enjoy designing, painting and gaming with dramatic looking units. My wargaming is played 'In the Grand Manner' ( with a few ammendments added over the years ). Designs of figures, especially my new 'Collectors Series' which have even more annimation and detail, are inspired by Peter Gilder's, Suren's 'Willie' figures and dramatic paintings by Detaille,Wollen, Woodville, Rowlands, De Neuville, Don Troiani and others.

I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

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